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Washington becomes the eighth state to include gender identity in its non-discrimination law, and the seventeenth to include sexual orientation. December 19, 2005--Indianapolis, IN--The city of Indianpolis, together with Marion County, just passed a law adding sexual orientation and gender identity to their non-discrimination laws. FOr more information, visit the home page of Indiana Equality.

The right wing is already planning a ballot initiative to repeal it. October 19, 2005--New York, NY--In September 2005, the NYC Department of Education revised its Discipline Code to state that students can be disciplined for using slurs, taunting, bullying, and engaging in physical violence based on a person’s gender identity or expression. September 30, 2005--Washington DC--Senate Hate Crimes Bill Won't Include Trans: The passage of a trans-inclusive hate crimes bill shows that there has been progress in educating lawmakers on gender identity issues, advocates said, but achieving protections against discrimination in employment and other key areas will require much more work. See alslo earlier story, September 14, 2005--Washington, DC--US House passes trans inclusive Hate Crimes law. September, 9, 2005--National Center for Transgender Equality Releases, Guidelines for Evacuation Shelters: Making Shelters Safe for Transgender Evacuees aims to assist shelters in serving transgender evacuees. becomes the 16th state to protect LGB people from discrimination and the 6th state to protect transgender people with clear legislative language.

The April 19, 2006 vote by the Bloomington City Council provides for voluntary mediation to address complaints of gender-identity discrimination.

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"It's just as cruel to withhold treatment for gender identity disorder as it is to withhold treatment for any other medical issue." USA today story here. Male Scientist Writes of Life as Female Scientist Biologist Who Underwent Sex Change Describes Biases Against Women. July 6, 2006--San Francisco, CA--TG job, health efforts get funding.Trans people may find voting to be an intimidating process for many reasons.Guide online in PDF at 2006--New York, NY--New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is considering a rule change that would allow transgender people born in NYC to have their birth certificates amended.A groundbreaking set of principles on sexual orientation, gender identity, and international law is a landmark advance in the struggle for basic human rights as well as gender equality, Human Rights Watch and the Center for Women’s Global Leadership said today. November 15, 2005--Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia--Malaysia Voids Transsexual's Marriage.

The document, known as the Yogyakarta Principles after the city where it was adopted, was launched today in Geneva by a group of 29 international human rights experts. The Malaysian government has refused to recognize a marriage between a man and his transsexual spouse - believed to be the first such union in this mostly Muslim country. March 2, 2007--United Kingdom--New Research Report released, "Engendered Penalties: Transgender and Transsexual People’s Experiences of Inequality and Discrimination." Authored by Stephen Whittle, Lewis Turner and Maryam Al-Alami, this 95 page report was commissioned by the UK Government's Equalities Review.

‘Yogyakarta Principles’ a Milestone for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights; Experts Set Out Global Standards for Sexual Rights and Gender Equality.