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17-Oct-2017 23:12

The song "Pat Brown" is played by The Vandals in the 1983 movie "Suburbia" directed by Penelope Spheeris. Feels like it was made in the 80's but wasn't. They even go as far as putting "The End" at the end. See more » Running Over Raymond (Hip Hop Version) Performed by Kulayd Music Produced by Jason "Kulayd" Clayton Song contains samples from the original "Running Over Raymond" Guitar solo Official soundtrack selection and music video for the "Girl Meets Boy" (Peace and Riot) movie See more » One of the first questions to ask. Did these producers go to film school or even study films?

Aesthetically, though, it bears them little resemblance.Simon Werner is somewhere closer to those criminally neglected Earth albums from the '90s (especially “Dans les bois / M.Rabier”) -- simple riffs, at times mammoth, never dumb, always on the verge of combustion. In that way, it’s also not too far from post-rock, a genre loosely defined by its fondness for atmospheric suggestion -- particularly Friends of Dean Martinez and Dirty Three, with their dusty desert soundscapes; and Tortoise circa TNT, which played like implied short-form crime fiction.Girl Meets Boy is a romantic tale of how to find love where you least expect it. It's hard to believe this woman would be interested in this guy.

Crystal Green is accused of stealing a riff from the song "Pat Brown" by the Vandals. Even though it was made a couple of years ago, there are no cell phones and Ms Pheil buys an answering machine for the land line.That it does so by departing from the standard commercial concessions of these things -- namely, front-loading with viable singles – probably explains the choice to release it as an entry in the band’s SYR series, of which it is the ninth.