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Similar to a fruitcake, it has thick pastry and is packed with spices, fruit, nuts..more than a dash of whiskey!

The ban may have halted the advancement of Scottish Christmas traditions, but Scottish New Year's celebrations always brighten the cold and dark winter.

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The people of the United Kingdom were oppressed by Oliver Cromwell in the mid-1600s.During the ban, bakers were required to give the authorities the name of anyone requesting this holiday staple.A loaf of unleavened bread is baked for each individual in the family, and the person who finds a trinket in his or her loaf will have good luck all year. On Christmas Eve, a single person cracked an egg into a cup.By honoring the visit of a stranger in the night, you honor the Holy Family, who searched for shelter the night of Christ's birth.

Once the ban on Christmas was lifted, the Scottish adapted many of the Christmas traditions used in England and the U. Today, the Scots celebrate with festive Christmas trees and presents for all.The first visitor to a home on Christmas Day was called the First Footer.

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