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Hermann Strathmann was born in Opherdicke, then a small town a short distance to the east of Dortmund. He attended school locally till he was nearly 12, after which he received a Gymnasium (academic school) level education through private tutoring.Between 18 he attended the Royal Prussian district school at Schulpforte (today subsumed into Naumburg).At least one source insists that this was nothing to do with his Nazi Party membership during the war years, nor with any other Nazi organisation.That left open the possibility that the Americans had responded to some malicious denunciation.Membership of political parties (other than the Nazi Party) became illegal and the CSVD dissolved itself in March 1933.Strathmann himself had in 1931 already, in a widely distributed political paper entitled "National Socialist Philosophy?" ("Nationalsozialistische Weltanschauung"), gone public with his opinion that the racial views of National Socialism were incompatible with Christian belief because it seemed to promoted (some) human beings to the status of gods (Kreaturvergötterung), According to some, Strathmann expressed sympathy for the Confessing Church, but without ever joining it.

In July 1930 Strathmann had already, along with several other disillusioned DNVP members, given his political allegiance to the emerging Christian Social People's Service (Christlich-Sozialer Volksdienst / CSVD), which was more than a splinter group but not - certainly not yet - a fully formed political party in its own right.Eventually, in 1940, Hermann Strathmann joined the Nazi Party.After the war Strathmann became embroiled in a controversy with an academic colleague from their time together at Erlangen, Hermann Sasse, over the extent to which they had sat back and accepted Naziism.He now remained a Reichstag member till the election of July 1932.

In the increasingly frenzied political context of 1932 another general election was held in November, and after another absence of several month Strathmann was now elected as one of the five successful CSVD candidates.In 1945 Strathmann described himself as "one of the very few men who did not howl with the wolves and ...