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A special thanks to Chris Baradel and Linda Rondinelli for their help in applying all of the principles held within in order to get this book into your hands.Thanks to our agent Jim Levine for getting the project moving and helping along the way with his insights.Even though marketing is a science they’ve helped us apply art where it’s neces- sary to help us communicate more clearly.And finally even books ixabout marketing need to be marketed.We owe both an apology and a debt of gratitude to numerous friends and family members who read our work gave us honest feedback and most important put up with us during the long nights and weekends we committed to getting this book completed amid our already hectic work schedules.And of course a very special thanks to Sergio Zyman for giving us the inspiration to put our perspective into print.Companies and organizations alike are adopting a scientific disciplined approach to marketing.

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/ amerikai romantikus vígjáték, éven aluliak számára a megtekintése nagykorú felügyelete mellett ajánlott., 95 perc Supernatural punk dating. One of the most powerful distinc- tions that I revealed in that book was the fact that marketing is not an art—it is a science.