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Moussa’s claim depended on whether his father was married to his non-citizen mother or not at the time of the father’s naturalization.

Under old INA §321 which has since been repealed, both parents had to be citizens if they were married in order for Moussa to have become a US citizen.

Marketing, management, economics, and sites relating to entrepreneurship or running a business. Should not include corporate websites as they should be categorized with their technology. General information regarding computers and the internet.

Should include sites about computer science, engineering, hardware, software, security, programming, etc.

Should not include sites that provide peer-to-peer file exchange services or general streaming media.

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Should not include websites discussing controversial political or religious views.Internet marriages are another example of this trend, and the couple in the NYT article, Ms. Ahmmed (who is in Bangladesh), notwithstanding the unconventional nature of the celebration appear to have entered into a bona fide marriage. They could also be used by sex traffickers to bring in women who then unwittingly find themselves involved in sex work in the US. 2009), the government commenced removal proceedings against Moussa based on several criminal convictions.

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