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Thus, this post begins with Specimen 23A, constituting the 599th specimen in the archives.The brother [...] belongs to the sector of Shirqat/right side [western Shirqat] May God reward you best.Official of the office of the affairs of the mujahideen Islamic State Wilayat Dijla Office of the affairs of the mujahideen Islamic State Wilayat Dijla Shirqat sector right side/Amir Islamic State [Wilayat Dijla]/Right side of Shirqat sector Caliphate on the Prophetic Methodology In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful No.2 Date: 17 Jumada al-Awal 1436 AH Internal transfer form The brother is to be transferred from the sector of the amir's office to the sector of the Islamic police General information Name: Muhammad Kamil Ramadan Position: soldier Kunya in the sector: Muhammad Address: Shirqat right side: al-Shabali Number of famly members: Wife: Single Children: Last Kifala [form presumably continued below] Islamic State Wilayat Salah al-Din/Military administration/Fariq al-Masira No.Therefore all the brothers who are recipients for cars are asked to hasten without delay to display the special card for the car from the al-Harariya area administration within three days.Announced on date 14 Jumada al-Awal 1435 AH corresponding to 15 March 2014 CE. The name of 'Idarat al-Hudud' [Borders Administration] has been changed to Diwan al-Hijra wa al-Tajhiz a) Affairs of the Muhajireen b) Purchases c) Transfer d) Crossings .For I have gone through- and praise be to God- the worst of what you are going through as the Americans besieged us in the struggle in Fallujah for 75 days without water, food and medicine.

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And I envy all who are killed from among you enduring and thus reckoned.

And they did not say but 'Our Lord, forgive us for our sins and excess in our matters, plant firmly our feet and give us victory over the disbelieving people, so God granted them the reward of this world and the reward of the Hereafter, and God loves those of ihsan" [Qur'an 6-7].

Do not think I am addressing you while being ignorant of your condition inside Manbij and what state of evil, worry and tribulation you are in.

The custom of applauding the outstanding student is to be abolished as it is from the customs of the accursed kuffar.

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It is to be replaced instead by the teacher saying 'Takbir', and then the students responding by saying 'Allahu akbar.' May God reward you best.And we saw some of our brothers smelling green smoke as one's limbs disintegrated minutes later after the smell arose, and our brothers were being wounded and blood was flowing and they bled until they expired as we didn't have bandages or food and there was no safe place or doctor.