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She is prepared to leave, but sees Stefan and Damon's lifeless bodies on the ground. And I wanted to leave town, but, Elena, I couldn't." Katherine makes her first non-flashback appearance in Founder's Day.

Stefan, Katherine and Damon all lie next to each other, dying.

While she & her maiden were on their way to Lockwood family, her driver stopped to see if Stefan needed assistance with his busted carriage.

Katherine spotted him & since then she changed her plans.

They are known as "Steferine" and "Sterine" by fans.

In Katherine's flashback to 1864, she admitted that she saw Stefan for the first time before they officially met in Salvatore Mansion.He furthered this by going inside Katherine's head in her last moments and gave her visions of erasing her family's murder and having her hold her baby.

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The green hoses visible in one photo are attached to pumps -- it appears the intent is to keep the newly created streambed (passing next to the dam) dry until work is completed, by dumping the water back into Toms Run just below the work area.… continue reading »

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