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I had an assignment to the 45th TRS at Misawa AB, Japan, after Vietnam, but in the summer of 1966 that squadron came to me instead, so I wound up with the 315th Air Division at Tachikawa instead, often flying with the C-130 missions around Vietnam. Name: Dan Grace, Dec 28, 2001 URL: Comments: Surfing the net, trying to gather info for a VA claim. A records request yielded no TDY orders and one Travel Voucher for latter tour, but I need more paperwork for DVA.

Was at TSN two tours of TDY from Misawa AB with the RF101Cs. I now live in Australia in a climate just like TSN!

At first we were originally based in Misawa and our people would rotate every three months down to VN, so I was at Tan Son Nhut on and off and then our squadron finally got permanently based at Tan Son Nhut.

I had five months left to go in the service and spent that time in VN. While I was there, the base was attacked and the first mortar hit a ground power unit that was standing between the two RF101 Voodoos I was assigned to take care of.

Any old ABLE MABLE blokes who might be willing to help, please do.

Good on yer, mates Dan Grace A1C45th TRS Det TSN 1965Darwin, Australia Comments: I was a navy radio/TV broadcast engineer flying NC-121J Blue Eagle aircraft assigned to Project Jenny/VXN-8 Detachment Western Pacific at Tan Son Nhut.

Comments: Please take your time to read what others have written here and enjoy the messages or suggestions that friends have left on our web site. If you are a former member of Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, or passed through the base, we especially need to hear from you, today. Pickens, Dec 28, 2001 URL: Comments: I was an intelligence officer with the 16th TRS at Tan Son Nhut from Nov 1965 to Jan 1967, and was also there for the first (mortar) attack on the base and some later (B47 rocket) attacks as well.

The cab stopped on a dirt road and Chi (her name) wanted to go to the farm house to say goodnite to her parents, I wanted to go, but she wouldn't let me, so I waited in the cab with the about 11pm (Not exactly sure of the time) I looked towards the runway and saw a tower of flame coming from my reventment. I was so impressed by the Army guys, they jumped into their Huey Gun Choppers and were in the air over the runway so damn fast, firing their 50 caliber machine guns with tracers loaded every 5th round, and from where we were standing it looked like a solid neon light from the choppers to the ground.If I had been there I would have been right near the MD-3 ground power unit and my name would have been on the black wall in Washington D. When they released the trigger you could make out the individual tracer rounds as the fire tapered off.I could no longer see any military nor White Mice (VN police).

I kept telling him Tan Son Nhut and he was trying to distract me asking if I wanted "number one girl." He pulled up and stopped on a little island surounded by rice paddies and there was a building there and only two trees standing.

I was on mid shift and both of the birds came back without any pilot write-ups (highly unusual as something was always out of wack and needed attention). came along and checked the forms and finding no write-ups said I could "make my break," also unusual since they usually wanted us to stay until the replacements came at the next shift that ended at midnight.

Regardless of age though, none of them ever responded to my attempts to meet in person.… continue reading »

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