After dating death mate traumatic

19-Aug-2017 12:32

Sufferers will avoid similar experiences that remind them of the past trauma.Many of you know that I was in a fatal car accident that took the life of my mother.

Some will consciously say that they want a relationship, but subconsciously the entire prospect terrifies them to death.

As you get closer and closer to a new person and the prospect of a new relationship, it can trigger the old terrifying feelings you’ve associated with being in a relationship.

Exposure to similar stimuli can produce the same feelings that you associate with the traumatic experience you had with your Narcissists.

It can bring you to a state of panic, where all you want to do is flee. We’ve all been at certain places in our lives where we were just not emotionally available to anyone.

This could be after a break up, or the death of a loved one, or it could even a conscious choice.

They call their abuser their best friend, or even their soul mate.

Although this was done in a manner that would be considered inappropriate today, it helped raise the profile of archaeology considerably.… continue reading »

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