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Though God may have gifted us with that creative spark, the idea that was generated was generated via an individual human being’s thinking process.

The advocates of experimental science were effectively saying, “Okay, we think that this idea has some merit.

I won’t go into what this is in the interests of space but if you are interested, check the short and sweet explanation given here. But it wasn’t just the breakthroughs themselves that characterized this era.

Suffice to say, it protected and even replenished nutrients in the soil rather than just drained them. The 13 century was also a period of self-revelation, when the human species began to realize that it was special. I would imagine that many of us, given our somewhat privileged existences and the commoditization of international transportation, have been to Europe and seen in one place or another gothic cathedrals – and if you have any sense of wonder whatever, have been in awe at the size, complexity and sheer magnificence of the creations.

In the course of mulling this over a few weeks ago, in the midst of recovering from vocal cord surgery, I began to think about something that often comes up from my storehouse of memories – the work I did many years ago on 13 century science and culture and in particular, a medieval friar of the Franciscan Order, Roger Bacon, someone, who when I was writing my varying tomes on the period and the man and on science in general, I began to believe and still do, might have been one of the greatest scientists in the history of our species.

It gave me a little more insight into the legacy that I am trying to leave. Something that perhaps we often forget in the course of our very lucky lives as people who have a shot at helping to transform the world we live in.

Here’s what that is: The very hallmark of continued human social existence has been that each of us as a human, has an infinite capacity to create something that in some way, incrementally and on occasion profoundly impacts the continued existence of society and the human species.

It’s happened frequently enough throughout history, with the right combinations of people and resources, to so far, ensure, at least for now, the continued existence and even flourishing of humanity and the cultures and society associated with it, with all their problems, glitches, denial of opportunities, errors of judgment and action, and even criminality.

Much as I like to think and act exuberantly in the celebration of the abundance of life, I have days where I recognize that I’m 64 years old. I can contemplate not just the present and my plans for the future, though I do that always, but also the legacy that I’d like to provide as I leave my footprints embedded in time.

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When I embrace the fact, I also embrace one of the things that the older among us can claim, that our younger brethren can’t yet.

That is both a debate beyond the scope of this post and beyond any contemporary research anyone reading this (or writing this) is likely to have done.

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